Cobol and OO-Cobol Compilers

Merant/Microfocus [Multiple OS, commercial]

Unisys [Windows, Commercial]

LegacyJ PECobol [Multiple OS, commercial]

Tiny Cobol [Open source, GPL, Cobol 85]

Cobol to C compiler [Open source, GPL, Cobol 85]

Cobol for GCC [Open source, GPL, Cobol 85]

Grammars Home Page at the Free University of Amsterdam (they have free and browsable grammars for VS COBOL II and Standard Cobol )

Tutorials on object-oriented Cobol

Gene Webb

Michael C. Kasten


Draft of ISO/IEC FCD 1989:2001 (contains object-oriented features) from the NCITS/J4 Standards Commitee for Cobol   [plain PDF, 7MB]   [zipped, 2.4 MB]

ANSI X3.23-1985 (R1991): Programming languages -- Cobol ($18 at ANSI)

ISO 1989:1985: Programming languages - Cobol (Endorsement of ANSI standard X3.23-1985) ($10 at ANSI)


Advanced Cobol for Structured and Object-Oriented Programming

An Introduction to Object Cobol

Standard Object-Oriented Cobol

Other sites

Cobol center at InfoGoal

Cobol report

Cetus links

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